Q: What are your check-in and check-out times?
A: Check-in is 3:00 p.m. and Check-out is 11:00 a.m. If you need to arrange for early check in or late check out, we are happy to accommodate as best we can.

Q: I will be traveling late. How late can I check in?
A: We keep our front lobby open until 10:00 (weekdays) and 11:00 (weekends). If you will be traveling later than that, give us a call so we can arrange to stay up for your arrival.

Q: How close are you to downtown Eagle River?
A: We are 2.5 miles north of the center of town on Hwy 45 N.

Q: Is there a bar or restaurant near you?
A: Yes! There are two right next to us. 1) The Hiawatha Hide Away is a bar and grill, open Wed-Sun Memorial Day to Labor Day and open Th-Sun during Snowmobiling Season. 2) The Sweetwater is a bar and restaurant open 7 days a week.

Q: Are you on a lake?
A: Yes! We are on Duck Lake, on the famous Eagle River Chain of 28 Lakes.

Q: Do you charge for dock slips?
A: No. Our three-pier dock is available for guest use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q: How far are the boat launches from the Lodge?
A: There are a lot in the area! To get on the Eagle River Chain, there are three boat launches within 3 miles of us. Two are just north of us on Chain O Lakes Rd: a dirt boat launch ½ mile away and a paved boat launch 2 miles away. The third is down town Eagle River.

Q: Do you allow smoking in the rooms?
A: No. Per State Statute 101.123 Wisconsin Act 12, smoking is not allowed in the Hiawatha Lodge. We do provide ash receptacles outside where smokers are welcome to smoke!

Q: Is there a fine if I smoke in a guest room?
A: Yes there is. We pride ourselves on our clean and fresh rooms! If a guest smokes indoors, they will receive a $50 cleaning fine.

Q: Do you allow pets?
A: We welcome most dogs; however, we do charge for doggie guests. The fee covers the extra cleaning time we invest after an animal guest has been in a room. We cannot allow cats. Please contact us for a copy of our pet policy and fee information.

Q: Do you have allergen free rooms?
A: Yes. While we cannot sequester our rooms from the great northwoods outdoors, we do have a block of rooms where pet guests are not allowed.

Q: You say you provide a continental breakfast. What does that include?
A: For beverages, we provide coffee, milk, juice, tea, & hot chocolate. Our breakfast food items usually include bagels, English muffins, instant oatmeal, dry cereal, cereal bars, donuts and/or cinnamon rolls.

Q: When is your continental breakfast available?
A: Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. We make coffee all day.

Q: Do you have a vending machine?
A: Yes, we have a snack machine and a soda machine in our game room.

Q: Are there refrigerators in your guest rooms?
A: Yes. There is a small fridge in every guest room.

Q: Are there microwaves in your guest rooms?
A: There is a microwave available for guest use in the lobby. We do not have microwaves in the guest rooms.

Q: Are there coffeemakers in your guest rooms?
A: We have a coffeemaker on at all times in the lobby. We do not have coffeemakers in the guest rooms.

Q: Do you have grills we can use for grilling out?
A: Yes. We have a large charcoal grill on our main deck, and it is available for guests to grill on at any time.

Q: Do we need to bring our own linens or beach towels?
A: We provide fresh bed linens and bath towels for our guests. Please bring your own beach towels.

Q: Do you have a pool or hot tub?
A: No.

Q: Didn’t there used to be a pool? What happened to it?
A: Yes, there once was an indoor pool. But it was old and the previous owners filled it in with concrete.

Q: Can we swim in Duck Lake?
A: Yes. We do not have a swimming beach; however, the lake has a sandy bottom out by our dock and guests do swim there.

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